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little black dress INK logoTiffany is the Artistic Director for Little Black Dress INK (LBDI), a female playwrights producing organization.  LBDI produces an annual female playwrights festival which has grown from a small-town event into a multi-state collaboration to produce readings and full productions in multiple cities across the nation.  You can read about the exciting work Tiffany and LBDI are doing at www.LittleBlackDressINK.org

Tiffany has also launched the Protest Plays Project, a website dedicated to connecting Playwrights with Creative Resistors.

Tiffany writes on Medium and has also written for HowlRound.com, the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, SheKnows.com. She is also the co-artistic director at The@trics Theatre.


Thanks a Latte! (short film)

Joe Christian takes the whole “war” on Christmas a little too far, until an unexpected visit from Jesus helps him put things in perspective…

Flushed (short film)

Ida and Suze have never met, but they’re going to get to know one another really well once they realize there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom with the malfunctioning toilets…  In post production, slated to launch Fall 2018

The Sisters Roberts

A DARK COMEDY about two lonely, batty old spinsters, MAGGIE and NELL ROBERTS, 60’s, who live out in the woods. When Nell comes across the hunky and virile young JACK ADAMS, 30’s, caught in one of her traps, she immediately brings him home to keep and care for. Once the young man has breached their cabin walls, however, the sisters find themselves fighting over old wounds and past jealousies, not to mention Jack himself. When the mysterious Jack escapes, the sisters must overcome their differences and work together if they are to survive.

A Disappearing Woman

A DRAMA, about a contented house-wife and mother, MOLLY WALKER, who starts disappearing piece by piece. Thinking she’s losing her mind, or suffering from some strange curse, she sets out to discover the cause behind her condition, only to discover that her husband, KEITH, has secrets of his own to account for. Realizing that it’s his mistress who is absorbing her life bit by bit, Molly is forced to fight the ultimate battle for independence and identity before she disappears from her own life forever.

(scripts available upon request) 


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