Rhinoceros, by Eugene Ionesco – Southern Arkansas University Directed by Tiffany Antone

Theater is a uniquely collaborative, and perpetually evolving form of art.   Its success depends on the cumulative effort of those passionately involved in developing a work from a play’s conception to its final performance, and it is because of this unique nature that I believe an awareness of theatre’s synchronicity is integral to a student’s learning and finding their place in the professional world.  As a teaching artist, it is a privilege to bring my diverse skill set into every classroom as I help students find and develop their own voices.  Educating students about the mechanics of theater, while also helping them understand the machinations of its development is integral to my process as a teaching artist, whether the course is focused on Play/Screenwriting, Acting/Scene-study, Acting for the Camera, Shakespeare, Voice, Devised Ensemble, or Theatre Management.

I’ve taught a variety of stage and film classes at colleges, universities, and community workshops.  My CV is available upon request.  Below are links to some of the films made through The@trics workshops taught by myself and my talented partner, Cason Murphy.

Refocus, Looper, Murder by Metal, and The Last Jelly Donut were the result of our two-week Summer 2016 The@trics Make a Movie Workshop

Murder by Metal

The Good, The Bad, and The Janitor – 2013 two-week movie workshop

Two-Day Film-maker workshop at Waco Civic Theatre, 2015

Shakespeare workshop 2013



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