Shorter Plays

Scripts available through New Play Exchange or by request

Plays on Parade

Twelve 10-minute (or less) plays and monologues.  Flexible Casting

A collection of short plays written to be performed outside and from a distance. The actors do not get close to each other! Pieces range in tone and style: An epic battle between a couple of rowdy germs and hand sanitizer, friends exchanging bread and coping strategies, a pair of dinosaurs facing down the end of an era, a new couple’s first (but socially-distant) non-Zoom date… In total, there are twelve fun, weird, short plays and monologues to choose from!  Plays may be performed individually, or as a collection.

The Good Book

One-Act  2W, 1M

*Winner, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival 2007*

On the cusp of Mariella’s 13th birthday, her father, Robert, finds his first gray hair. Convinced it is due to his daughter’s impending womanhood, it’s no wonder he’s panicking. Fortunately for them both, Robert’s wife, Lucinda, planned ahead and created a very large, very special scrapbook for just such emergencies. 

Available from Samuel French

Here and Now Project Plays for


10 Minute Play – 1W, 2 M

A well-meaning couple unintentionally find themselves going up against their (not-so) friendly HOA by hiring an undocumented couple to help with their yard work.  Explores Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 legislation.

Available for purchase in the August collection of Here and Now plays at Indie Theater Now 


10 Minute Play – 1 Elephant, 1 Hen

This chick is just trying to do the right thing, but her nosy neighbor can’t leave well-enough alone.

Available for purchase in the July collection of Here and Now plays at Indie Theater Now

     2017, Stay Awake! Theatre’s 2nd Annual Prism Festival (New York, NY)
     2016, Little Black Dress INK’s ONSTAGE Festival: Curves Ahead
with Prescott Center for the Arts in Prescott, AZ
and Acadiana Repertory Theatre in Lafayette, LA


10 Minute Play – 2 M

When JP takes his out-of-work and recently-returned-home son to the 4th of July parade, he hopes the down-home Americana will re-invigorate his son, but generational differences have turned national pride into more contentious issue than he realizes.

Available for purchase in the June collection of Here and Now plays at Indie Theater Now

Fancy Tomatoes

10 Minute Play – 1W, 2 M

George just wants to spend time with his heirloom tomatoes, but Jeanine is hell-bent on going to Florence. When she finds out he’s spent their travel money on rare seeds, Jeanine rages through the garden, forcing George to rethink his priorities.

Produced 2014 in Little Black Dress INK’s Planting the Seed Fest (Prescott, AZ)

Big Baby

10 Minute Play – 1W, 1 M

Delilah wants to spice things up in the bedroom, but Jim’s idea of what’s hot isn’t exactly what she had in mind.

Produced 2012 in Little Black Dress INK’s From the Mouths of Babes Fest (Prescott, AZ)

Sue-Bee and Dallas

10 Minute Play – 1 Girl, 1 Boy

Sue-Bee and Dallas play hide & seek, and kind-of sorta start to fall in love (even though it’s gross)

Produced 2013 by The@trics Theatre in their thrifTheatre New Play Festival

Sour Fruit

10 Minute Play – 1W, 3 M

Katherine is an amazing and successful woman – loving mother, devoted wife, and a presidential nominee.  Everything could go up in smoke however, when her campaign crew and husband find out that she’s unexpectedly pregnant and not planning on keeping the baby… 

Presented 2010 at Theatricum Botanicum’s Backyard Fruit new play festival (Los Angeles, CA)
Produced 2011 in Little Black Dress INK’s Dirty Laundry Fest

My Pet George

One-Act  1W, 1M

When George, a hairy young man, shows signs of loneliness, his owner presents him with an attractive and feisty young female named Sheila.  His dreams of mating the two are threatened however, when Sheila insists that she and George must escape.

Sometimes the comforts of home aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, even when they include a giant hamster wheel!

Developed at UCLA as part of the Francis Ford Coppola Staged Reading Series

Little Phoenix

One-Act  1W, 2M

Jake and Shy were just children when their mother died saving them from a burning building.  Their heartbreaking story was told on new stations around the nation, and soon enough the newly orphaned youngsters were adopted by a loving couple from Michigan.  But there’s a secret to that fateful day that only Jake remembers.  Now, years later when Shy returns to Hollywood to become an actress, Jake fears his sister will stumble into the shoes their mother left behind.  Torn between his love for his sister and what the truth will do to her, Jake has to decide what “protecting” his sister really means.


10 Minute Play – 2 M

When Frank enters the men’s room, the last thing he expects is to end up singing “America the Beautiful” to a toilet bowl, but after a strange encounter with Max, an unusual man watching over the bathroom, that’s just what happens.

Passing the Buck

10 Minute Play – 2 M

Pushed to his limit by rising gas prices, the ever increasing cost of movie tickets, and the overwhelming material success of the “Have’s”, Charlie decides to strike back on behalf off the “Have-not’s”.  Kidnapping the CEO of a large company, he’s forced to admit that even good men like himself are capable of doing very bad things.

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